# Translate the plugin


We need your help in translating all plugin messages to multiple languages! See this for more info!

# 1. Use one of MTV's offered languages

Apart from English (default), we and our community have already managed to add 6 other languages - Dutch, Czech, Spanish, German, Turkish and Chinese.

  1. Execute /mtv language
  2. Choose a language by clicking an item
  3. Done! The plugin has been translated!

All languages can be found as separate files in the /plugins/MTVehicles/messages/ folder.
You may edit them, and after having it done, execute /mtv reload to apply changes.

# 2. Create your own language

This method is far more difficult, thus you should not do it unless you completely understand the following steps:

  1. Create your own messages_xx.yml file in the /plugins/MTVehicles/messages/ folder. (E.g. by copying an existing message file and editing the messages)


Bear in mind, your final file must end with .yml! (.txt or other files will NOT work!)

  1. Open /plugins/MTVehicles/supersecretsettings.yml and set messagesLanguage: xx


Do NOT change anything else. (Even the messagesVersion must remain the same. Only change the messagesLanguage option.)

  1. Reload the plugin by executing /mtv reload.


This custom language WILL NOT appear in the /mtv language command GUI. You may only set it inside supersecretsettings.yml.


  • If you mess up anything, it may result in the plugin not being able to send messages properly.
  • When you update, make sure that your messages_xx.yml file contains ALL MESSAGES (= it has the same no. of rows as files created by us) because we may have added new ones.

# Do you want to contribute?🫂

Have you translated the plugin for yourself and do you want the translation to be publicly available to anyone? That's great!

Right now, you've got 2 options:

Last updated: June 16, 2022 3:47 PM