# FAQ, Frequent Errors

First of all, you need a Minecraft server with Spigot/Paper. (No, plugins do NOT work locally.)

# 1. How to download and set up the plugin?

For a step-by-step tutorial, click here (opens new window).

# 2. I can only see diamond hoes!

You need our resource pack to be able to see the vehicles. Download it here (opens new window).


As of version 2.4.0 (The Airplane Update), a new version of resource pack (v0.2) is required!

# 3. How to get a vehicle?

  • Execute /mtv menu and choose from dozens of vehicles!


    Permission mtvehicles.menu necessary.

  • Execute /mtv givecar <player> <UUID>.

    <player> - Player who must be online when the command is being executed.
    <UUID> - UUID of your desired vehicle (can be found in vehicles.yml (opens new window))


    Permission mtvehicles.givecar necessary.

# 4. How to get rid of a vehicle?

Shift and Right-click the vehicle to pick it up.


You must OWN the vehicle or have the permission mtvehicles.oppakken.


Even after picking the vehicle up, it is still stored in the database and can be restored with the /mtv restore command.
To prevent this, delete it using /mtv delete while holding the item.

# 5. I am getting 'An internal error occurred...' error

Firstly, check your console and look for this message (time may be different, of course):

Plugin is disabled

And if you're attentive, you should have already seen this warning:
Incompatible version

This means you're using an incompatible Minecraft version. We always support the latest patch versions, except 1.14.x:

Version(s) Compatibility Version(s) Compatibility
Older than 1.12 ❌ Incompatible 1.16.4 Not guaranteed
1.12-1.12.1 Not guaranteed 1.16.5 ✔️ Compatible
1.12.2 ✔️ Compatible 1.17 Not guaranteed
1.13 ❌ Incompatible 1.17.1 ✔️ Compatible
1.13.1 Not guaranteed 1.18-1.18.1 Not guaranteed
1.13.2 ✔️ Compatible 1.18.2 ✔️ Compatible
1.14-1.14.4 ❌ Incompatible 1.19-1.19.2 ✔️ Compatible
1.15-1.15.1 Not guaranteed 1.19.3 ⚠️ Since 2.5.0
1.15.2 ✔️ Compatible Newer snapshots ❌ Incompatible
1.16-1.16.3 ❌ Incompatible

# 6. The vehicles do not move. I am using a compatible version of Paper.

You need to open the paper.yml file and set armor-stand-tick: true.

# 7. I've got lags. Is the plugin too demanding?

In case you're using Aternos, then you're probably right. As their servers are free, they might not be "beefy enough".

If you have your own server, try allocating more RAM.

# 8. How to create a vehicle shop?

We do not offer such a feature, however, you can achieve the same goal by installing any shop plugin out there.

  • If you want to use commands, use /mtv givecar <player> <UUID>. (Explained here.)

  • In case you need to use items, use vouchers - /mtv givevoucher <player> <UUID>. (Works exactly the same as /mtv givecar.)


    You should NOT sell cars which you get from /mtv menu. They already have an owner (and other properties you'd have to edit) set.

# 9. How to fuel a vehicle?

Enter the vehicle and left-click it while holding a jerry can. You may obtain this jerry can by executing /mtv fuel.


Permission mtvehicles.benzine necessary.

Alternatively, you may execute /mtv refill while holding the vehicle in your hand.


Permission mtvehicles.refill necessary.

# 10. How to shoot (from a tank)?

Firstly, only tank shoots (nothing else).

Secondly, press space to shoot!

If you want to shoot TNTs, you have to set tankTNT: true in config.yml and reload the plugin (/mtv reload)!

Last updated: February 5, 2023 2:12 PM