# Commands & Permissions


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# Main commands

Command Description permission
/vehicle info Get information about a vehicle None, mtvehicles.admin to display admin info
/vehicle help Get a list of all the possible commands None, mtvehicles.admin to display admin info
/vehicle version Get info about the plugin (use this on discord) mtvehicles.admin
/vehicle language Change the plugin language mtvehicles.admin or mtvehicles.language

# Vehicle specific commands

These commands can only be executed by the owner of the vehicle

Command Description Permission
/vehicle public Let everyone sit in your car None
/vehicle private Only allow people who have access to sit in your car None
/vehicle addrider Add a rider to your vehicle None
/vehicle addmember Add a member to your vehicle None
/vehicle removerider Remove a rider from your vehicle None
/vehicle removemember Remove a member from your vehicle None
/vehicle repair Restore the health of a vehicle (vehicle damage must be enabled in the [config.yml]) mtvehicles.repair

# Moderation commands

Command Description Permission
/vehicle edit Adjust vehicle settings mtvehicles.edit
/vehicle menu Open a menu containing all the vehicles mtvehicles.menu
/vehicle givevoucher Give a voucher to a player mtvehicles.givevoucher
/vehicle givecar Give a vehicle to a player mtvehicles.givecar
/vehicle restore A menu to recover vehicles mtvehicles.restore
/vehicle benzine Open the menu with jerrycans for the fuel mtvehicles.benzine
/vehicle reload Reload the plugin's config files mtvehicles.reload
/vehicle setowner Set an owner of a vehicle mtvehicles.setowner
/vehicle delete Remove a vehicle in your hand from the data mtvehicles.delete
/vehicle update Update the plugin to the latest version mtvehicles.update

# Other permissions

Permission Description
mtvehicles.ride Whether a player can ride others' vehicles
mtvehicles.anwb Whether a player can pick up vehicles from water - useless unless ANWB turned on in config
mtvehicles.oppakken Whether a player can pick up vehicles
mtvehicles.filljerrycans Whether a player can fill up a jerry can - can be turned on/off in config
mtvehicles.filljerrycansforfree Whether a player can fill up a jerry can for free (Economy plugin + Vault necessary)
mtvehicles.limit.X Number of vehicles obtainable from /vehicle menu (Change X to an integer, use * for unlimited)
Last updated: June 16, 2022 3:47 PM